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The most trustworthy company is Tesla, the worst result was Facebook

The company Toluna conducted an interesting study on the privacy of users' data and their trust in technology companies. In the first place, the company has gained as many percent of "untrustworthy" customers as 6 other companies put together, also applaud Mr. Mark Zuckerberg.

The most trustworthy company is Tesl

The most trustworthy company is Tesla, the worst result was Facebook

According to the Toluna 40 report,% of respondents question Facebook's ability to guarantee the security of their users' data. Twitter was in second place, whose credibility in terms of data security was undermined by only 8% of respondents. With the same result, Amazon came in third.

I am surprised by the low position of Apple, they are on the same with Snapchat and only 2% below Google. For me, the Cupertino company is one of the most secure, as long as we have the latest version of the operating system. Apple refused to allow the data of its users to be made available even to the FBI agency, which was why the law enforcement officers had to pay hackers / Israeli company. In the end, it was possible to extract data for the old iPhone, but only after connecting the cable to the computer.

According to the respondents, the most reliable companies are Tesla, Netflix and Microsoft. The company responsible for the most popular operating system in the world often has problems with their sites on the network that are swapped by hackers, strange that users trust her so much.

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