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Xiaomi humidifier, destroys 98,8% of bacteria.

Xiaomi Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Last year I bought an air purifier from Xiaomi, it was a hit. Perfectly deals with smog, impure air in our beautiful Poland. He was very popular and now he is visiting many Polish homes. I decided to bring "his brother" from China, namely the humidifier - Xiaomi Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier.

At the beginning I will show you the benefits of having an air humidifier:

  • cleanses the air of bacteria, thus reducing the risk of infection in the winter and allergy in the spring. In short, bacteria and viruses do not perform well when the air is properly humidified.
  • the skin becomes more "alive". Cold and dry air, causes dryness, flaking and accelerated skin aging.
  • dry air "dries out" the sinuses. Do you work in an air-conditioned room and have problems with sinuses? Air-conditioning dries the air, placing a humidifier in the bedroom will help in the fight against bays and snoring. The end also with a low voice after waking up.
  • potted plants also do not like dry air, do it in an Amazon apartment 😉
  • are you cold? Find the other half, buy a blanket or humidifier. At low humidity, we feel as if it was colder in the room.

How does the Xiaomi humidifier handle it? Let's move to the star of today's entry.


The Xiaomi Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier consists of four parts. Covers, 3,5L water jug, power supply and parts with a lamp responsible for destroying bacteria. UVGI lamp used ultraviolet disinfection, allows sterilization of 98,8% bacteria. The power supply has been placed on the cable for safety reasons, and not built into the device as it is in the case of an air cleaner. Water + 230V is not the experience that we would like to experience, the power supply changes the voltage from 230V to 34V. In the case of a purifier from Xiaomi, I advised you to cut the plug and set up a normal, European one. You educated me about the plugin, as a poppy-seed cake, I did not know such a plug. The power cord is ended with the so-called clover - the same solution have laptop chargers. All you need to do is buy a cable and you do not need to do anything. Dimensions of the humidifier 33.6cm x 20.7cm and 3,5litra water.

All buttons that the humidifier contains are located in the last part of the device. On the front there is a button for manually changing the humidifying power. On the back, a button to reset the wireless connection to the router. There are four LEDs on the front of the device. The top three informs how powerful the humidifier works, and the last one is connected to the router. Wifi works on the 2,4Ghz frequency.

Xiaomi air humidifier

The device like this Xiaomi product is made very carefully, each matching of the elements is perfect. Xiaomi has already proven that the air purifier does not have to disfigure the decor, the humidifier also confirms this thesis.


The Xiaomi Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier naturally blends with the Xiaomi MiHome ecosystem application. In the main menu we can see what humidity has the environment and temperature. Below are three options. We can turn on / off, set the power from which the humidifier (1,2,3) should work and the timer allowing to determine the hours in which it should operate. If we move the finger from the bottom to the top, we will see an additional option. The most important thing is to define what humidity the humidifier should maintain. Five compartments are available, we can not regulate more. The optimum humidity is between 40-60% lower or higher values ​​are unfavorable.

When I turned on the device at home, it indicated humidity at 41%, I defined the desired value 50% and set the power to the maximum - 3. He worked a minute, maybe two, he reached 50% very quickly - I did not even have time to enjoy the view of cold water vapor 😉 The device is very quiet, with the 1-2 level practically impossible to hear. Only when we turn on the maximum power, you can hear that something is working in the environment, it is below 42dB anyway.

xiaomi air humidifiermi home

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MiHome application lets you create scenes thanks to which one device causes the second reaction in the case of a humidifier there is only one option available, in my opinion completely unnecessary. If the humidity exceeds 70% then there will be X. I can not see the scenes for the humidifier if we exceed the humidity then what? turns on the camera? will light shine? will send a notification to the phone? This is an independent device, I can not come up with any practical use of the scene.

A short movie showing the action.

Power consumption.


Xiaomi once again puts our health on, thanks to the use of ultraviolet disinfection, the humidifier very effectively fights bacteria. Usually humidifiers do not have UVGI technology, only a container filled with water, which under the influence of heat evaporates, such equipment does not kill the battery, actually creates better conditions for them. The humidifier in my house found a place in the bedroom, a better night's sleep. Thanks once again Xiaomi for a good product. 🙂

You can buy Xiaomi Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier in the store

  • hi, does the purifier not "eat" the steam particles produced by the humidifier? in other words, is it possible to prepare a bedroom for sleeping by firing both devices at once?

  • Good morning, I'm interested in the issue of the UV lamp itself. I could not find any information about her exchange anywhere. In accordance with the adopted rule, after 12 months, the filament of such a lamp burns out and the lamp works poorly or not at all. So whether there is a possibility and whether there is an original or replacement for such a lamp. In the event of no replacement, the operation of this humidifier comes down only to the cool control of the bajer application without killing bacteria, which probably would suit everyone the most.

    • Purifier and green filter. Look at the promotions has been recently promoted. shipping from Europe at a good price. The cleaner can not stand next to the humidifier 🙂

  • The reviewer came to wrong conclusions. After all, this humidifier does not clean the air of the bacteria, only the water that is in the humidifier, is exposed to UV light to kill what could be produced in long-standing water. As soon as the water comes out of the humidifier, it will not automagically break out mites and bacteria from the air just because it has been in contact with the UV filter 🙂

  • Thank you for the quick reply. I have one more problem and I hope that you will help me, because nowhere in the network I can not find a solution. After connecting the humidifier and MIHome installation on the iPhone, I managed to seamlessly pair the whole thing in the home network. On the screen I have the same picture as you, i.e. it shows the temperature and humidity, but I can not set anything. 70% is marked rigidly. It does not react to changes in humidity at all, and the sliders can be moved, but after a few seconds they return to their original state. I tried to delete the device from MIHome and add it again, but it did not help. I have no idea what to do next.

  • usually uv lamps have 8000h lifespan in medical applications - so here I suspect that too. My humidifier probably (I do not know because I do not have one) except the fog "also processes" the air from the room, so indirectly sterilizes the zone of its range. An ultrasonic plate on the bottom and a silent windmill - that's all. Added to this nicely folded and added electronics. Water is in my opinion (I use an ordinary - not smart - humidifier) ​​only and exclusively distilled (demineralized). From each other, the sediment will be left inside the device, in a mist room of disco type and a sediment on the nearest furniture.

  • If the humidity of 70% is exceeded, air conditioning can be turned on by the smart home accessory, which will take away excess moisture. 🙂

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