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Xiaomi thermostat, automatic control of the air conditioner.

xiaomi thermostat

xiaomi thermostatDuring the IoT Developer conference in Beijing, Xiaomi presented a new device, an intelligent "thermostat". Thanks to the new device and the Smart function, the Xiaomi air conditioner can automatically adapt to climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity so that the room conditions are always comfortable. It has a minimalist, round structure. The LCD screen displays the current temperature and humidity. The measurement accuracy is 0,1. The set comes with a double-sided tape with which we can stick the "thermostat" to the wall. The device is powered by one AAA battery, it is also included in the set.

Availability and price

Xiaomi Hygrometer-thermostat is available in China for 69 yuan (~ 11 $). In Poland, the price is not so attractive anymore, I suggest to follow sale. You can currently buy for 19,99 $.

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