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Xiaomi TV will be officially available in Europe, for starters Russia

Many people are waiting for the European debut of TVs with the Mi logo in Europe. Xiaomi finally decided to go out of its product outside of China and India, and soon the official sale of Xiaomi TVs in Russia will begin.

Xiaomi Mi Tv in Russia

Xiaomi will sell TVs in Russia in three sizes from 32 'to 55 inches, unfortunately the gem from the Chinese giant's portfolio, namely Mural TV as long as it will not be available. TV sets have Android P 9.0 system installed and a bluetooth remote control known from Mi Box Tv that allows voice control.

Xiaomi Mi Tv

It's time for the most important, i.e. prices:

Mi TV 32 'Full HD for 11 999 rubles, $ 186
Mi TV 43 '4K for 22 999 rubles, $ 357
Mi TV 55 '4K for 33 999 rubles, $ 528

Prices do not fall on the knees, consumers who are looking for the cheapest devices will have alternatives in the form of Polish brands (eg Manta). All cheap TVs have one thing in common, a terribly slow-running Smart TV (if it is available at all). Xiaomi Mi Box Tv works sensationally, if the Xiaomi TV works equally fast, this is an important reason to decide to buy TVs with the Mi logo.

The sale of Xiaomi TVs in Russia will begin on June XMMX, the band will also be available for sale Mi Band 4 which debut is scheduled for 8 in July.

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