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This is the interface of the upcoming Huami watch inspired by Apple Watch

Several days ago, graphics showing the render of a new Huami watch was released to the network, the Bip version finally has a new generation. After the graphics it's time for a short video showing the watch interface, and in my opinion it looks great. I am happy with the Amazfit GTR, but I lack shield personalization, and it will be in the new Bip. I am looking forward to the premiere.

On the Weibo social network has been published graphics informing about the quality of the screen in the upcoming smartwatch. The new Huami watch will have a screen with 341 ppi, for comparison the king of Apple Watch Series 4 has an 345 ppi screen. The density of pixels on the screen from two manufacturers will be comparable, but in the Huami product the price will certainly be several times lower.

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