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Super Soco Speedy Ru is a new electric bike with a range of 80 kilometers

You've landed a new product on Youpin and I honestly do not know what to call the new Super Soco brand. Without looking at one small detail, or pedals, it looks like a scooter. The appropriate name will be an electric bicycle-scooter.

Super Soco Speedy Ru 1

Why is there such a strange clone on the Chinese market? Everything by the rules. In China Super Soco Speedy Ru is considered a bike, but in Europe it is already a scooter.

There are two versions available: the more expensive one has a 20 Ah battery and it is enough to drive 80 km, the cheaper variant has a 16 Ah link, which translates into the 65 range of kilometers. If the battery is discharged, you can use the pedals and propel your vehicle with the strength of your own muscles.

Both models have an electric motor of the same 350W power. The maximum speed on the electric motor is 25 km / h. The battery is located under the driver's seat and you can pull it out of the bike-scooter and take it home for charging. Loading is quite long, it takes from 6 to 7 hours depending on which model we buy.

Super Soco Speedy Ru, like any Super Soco product, is equipped with the smart function. Connects to the application via a Bluetooth connection. An important aspect in terms of security is the GPS module, you can check where the vehicle is. The application offers suspicion of basic parameters such as the battery charge level and theoretical range on an electric motor.

On the physical display you can see the current speed, the battery charge level and the meter informing you how far we have traveled on a bike-scooter.

Super Soco Speedy Ru will be available in five colors: red, white, turquoise, gray and orange. The model with the 20Ah battery has been priced at 4398 yuan, $ 640. The weaker model with the 16 Ah rechargeable battery is $ 566.

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