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Speedy DU is another Super Soco moped on Youpin

A few days ago, Xiaomi added to the Youpin platform Super Soco Speedy RUnow another moped operating on the same principle has been added (pedals + electric drive).

Xiaomi Super Soco Speedy DU

Dimensions of Super Soco Speedy DU are 1635 mm x 743 mm x 1030 mm. As with the predecessor, the new model has two versions, differing in battery capacity. The DU2 model has a 15 Ah battery that provides 65 km range. In the more expensive DU3 variant, the 20Ah battery is installed to overcome the 80 km. Both models offer the same maximum speed, 25 km / h.

The battery is located in the glove box in the moped's frame. In order to be charged, you can quickly pull it out and take it home. Charging to full runs from 5 to 7 hours, depending on the model.

Speedy DU has a built-in Bluetooth and GPS module. With the Super Soco app you can check the battery charge level, distance traveled or check where you parked moped and locate the vehicle in case of theft.

The counter is exactly the same as in the Speedy RU model. It displays the number of kilometers traveled, the battery charge status and the speed at which we move.

Super Soco Speedy DU has been priced in China on 3799 yuan, $ 553 for DU1 and 4299 yuan, $ 626 for the variant with 85 km range.

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