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Summer is coming soon, or the season for flies. Mona Lisa will help fight them

On the Youpin platform, a product related to art has appeared today. It is difficult for me to assess whether the new product will check as an element of the apartment's interior, but it will certainly prove practical.

The YIYOHOME brand presented a flap with the face of Mona Lisa. The flap is made of plastic, at the bottom there is a base so that it can stand on the dresser. In its amazing appearance, 1311 has specially designed openings to better overcome air resistance.

Fly flap with the face of Mona Lisa was priced in China on the 9.9 yuan, $ 1.5.

This thought struck me: when I put this fly flap in the center of some Art Gallery during a large exhibition. I am curious how many people would look at her for a few minutes and delighted her.

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