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Intelligent pillow for sleeping from PMA to Youpin

A new PMA brand product has been added to the Youpin platform. Primarily, the PMA brand creates warming eye bands or belly belts. The new product presented today is an intelligent pillow that can also warm up, and in addition: monitor sleep, wake up or play music through bone conduction. The producer of the pillow is Anhui Yuhang Pai Meng Health Technology Co.

The intelligent sleeping pillow PMaA has been in the crowdfunding campaign for several hours. At that time, she took 388% of the amount needed, and 13 was still there until the end of the collection.

Dimensions of the pillow are 59 cm x 30 cm x 11, it weighs 1200g. The manufacturer declares that it was designed so that the spine was in a natural and healthy position. For production, graphene covered with latex was used. Graphene that is in the place where we base the neck is responsible for increasing the temperature. From the application, you can adjust the temperature from 38 degrees Celsius to 52 degrees Celsius.

The cushion connects to the application via Bluetooth in the 5.0 version. In the application you can preview the quality of sleep, change the temperature of the pillow and set the alarm clock. I do not know how an alarm clock works, I just came to the information that the sound transmission is bone conduction.

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The ability to perceive sound, or colloquially speaking, the ability to hear arises in the inner ear where the basic membrane is located. The membrane set in motion vibrates, and the resulting vibrations are finally transformed into tons.
Compared to sound waves reaching the ear by air, bone conduction plays a much less important role in the everyday life of a human being. The main reason for this is the physical resistance that the bone sets to acoustic waves. And so, when applying headphones to the bones of the skull one would have to increase the volume of the sound emanating from them by about 50 decibels, to get the same effect as in the case of headphones overlaid on the ears.Cochlear

Intelligent sleeping cushion from PMA1

The intelligent sleeping cushion from PMA has been priced on the Chinese market at 299 yuan, $ 45. Shipping to the first customers will begin on June 2 2019.

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