A new product has hit the financing platform of Youpin. The day before the official presentation, Xiaomi announced the launch of a new product using the mysterious graphics that I published on Facebook. Now I know everything about the new product, check it out.

A month ago it was presented Xiaomi Mijia Loock Smart Cat Eyethat replaces "judasza" in the door. The new product is devoid of screen, so it is cheaper and you can attach it anywhere. During the crowndfunding he already collected 2061% of the required amount, and until the end of financing, 11 days remain.

The Xiaomi intelligent doorbell connects to Mi Home

The new bell has a classic look. It consists of two parts made of white ABS plastic. Attach one part to the door or wall using the included double-sided tape. I advise you to think about where it will be hanged because Xiaomi guarantees that it "holds" very much. At the top there is a camera with a motion sensor that allows you to record movies in 1280 x 720p quality both day and night, thanks to the infrared diode. The camera lens has a 105 degree of field of view. The external element is powered by four AAA batteries that are enough for 6 months thanks to FastWake technology.

The Xiaomi intelligent door bell The Xiaomi intelligent door bell

The second part should be placed in the 230V socket and communicates using Wi-Fi with the first part placed outside and with the Mi Home application on your smartphone. On the side there are several buttons, for example, to change the melody of the bell or to activate the loudspeaker, so you will know what is happening in front of your door. The intelligent ringtone will automatically start recording the video when someone approaches the door and sends a notification to the smartphone paired with the Mi Home app. In addition, the ringtone can recognize faces, after connecting with the AI ​​speaker from Xiaomi, we will immediately know who is at the door.

The Xiaomi intelligent door bell The Xiaomi intelligent door bell The Xiaomi intelligent door bell The Xiaomi intelligent door bell

Xiaomi's intelligent doorbell has been priced in China for 199 yuan, $ 29. Shipment to the first customers will start on December 12. The new bell is available in the store Banggood.com, the e2bcea rebate code lowers the price by $ 7,5.