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Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Tripod ideal for video calls.

Selfie Stick Xiaomi

On trips more and more often instead of asking someone to take a picture, we use a selfie stick. Xiaomi has released the second model of its handle on the market. This time the selfie stick will also work in the privacy of your home.

Selfie Stick Xiaomi is made of aluminum and rubberized plastic. Stawki, the place where we place the remote control and the place for the smartphone is made of soft plastic, "rubberized". I have a selfie stick from BlitzWolf and the cheapest camera stand from allegro and the place where we place the smartphone has rough plastic embossing, so my Mi5 now has scratches on the sides of the casing, the material used in the tripod from Xiaomi provides a good grip and peace of mind that the smartphone stays in perfect condition. The holder is designed only for smartphones, the sports camera can not be mounted. Selfie stick is rotated at 360stopnia, extend the smartphone holder we can from 56 to 89mm.

Xiaomi tripod Selfie Stick Xiaomi Tripod Xiaomi

We get a remote control that communicates with our smartphone via Bluetooth, the device will appear in the Bluetooth settings under the name "XMZPG". The remote has one button. It has 60mAh batteries, which can be charged via the MicroUSB port. The set has no cable.

Selfie Stick Xiaomi

The composite selfie stick has a very compact size, only 19cm. Without problems, it can fit in a woman's purse or jacket pocket. Weight only 152g.

Selfie Stick Xiaomi xiaomi selfie stick

A very interesting option is to spread the legs, ideally suited to video calls on Skype, FaceTime or any other platform you use. The handle is stable and there is no danger of it falling over.

xiaomi selfie stick

Worth it?

If you are looking for a selfie stick equipment from Xiaomi will be a very good choice. The price is not excessive, currently it is in the promotion in the store costs $ 18.99, for valuable 76 PLN you will not find a better selfie holder and tripod. The device does not have any screws to tighten the adjustable elements. Everything is so well folded, there is no fear that the handle will start to rotate under the weight of the phone.

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