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Car air purifier - Xiaomi Roidmi Car Air Purifier
car air purifier

car air purifier

Xiaomi has been offering for over a year now car air purifier. However, I did not decide to buy it from the fact that my daily time of presence in the car is 15 minutes and it is based on the assumption that the railroad crossing will have deserted gates. For once, I showed common sense and decided that it would be unnecessary expense. I had some flashes to buy, but product availability was mediocre, for example in the store Gearbest has been unavailable for a long time. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has introduced a new, improved version of the Xiaomi Roidmi Air Purifier.

Xiaomi Roidmi Car Air PurifierXiaomi Roidmi Car Air Purifier

Traditionally, like most new products, the car's air purifier also hit the crowdfunding platform first. The money pool has already reached 125% and the first devices are to reach customers on the third of July.

The company responsible for creating the device is Roidmi, which has in its portfolio car chargers, car holders and even cordless vacuum cleaner. A novelty that immediately strikes the eye of the first version is the display of the OLED display, which displays the current air quality in the vehicle. In the previous version, the only option was to check the smartphone on the screen. The new version has double fans. In addition, it uses a three-point intake system to improve the air inlet, resulting in increased cleaning efficiency. Thanks to the redesign, the cleaner is more efficient, the ratio increased from 60 m3 / h to 80 m3 / h. The air inside the car is cleaned in just 2 minutes. In the case of the communication method, nothing has changed, the device also connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. It is powered by the 12V automotive voltage. The filter element is cylindrical and removable. The cost of the first version of the filter oscillated around $ 22. The filter supports multi-factorial removal of mites, aldehydes and has antibacterial properties. It uses a laser particle sensor to measure the level of contamination.

Xiaomi-roidmi-car-air-purifier-4Xiaomi Roidmi Car Air Purifier with display costs in China 699 yuan, $ 110. Shop Bangood now offers a pre-sale device. It is also available first generationwithout a display at a more affordable price. If, unlike me, you travel a lot, you are standing in traffic jams, I would consider buying. In autumn, Polish cities will probably be in TOP 10 again, but unfortunately due to the worst air quality.

... I do not understand the idea of ​​an air purifier in a convertible, the Chinese graphic designer knows better. Is this the government's idea of ​​fighting smog by installing an air purifier in every car without a roof?

Xiaomi Roidmi Car Air Purifier

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