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Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners are to be officially launched in Europe

Roborock is a company specializing in the creation of autonomous vacuum cleaners. All fans of Xiaomi Roborock products are well known, Mi Vacuum Cleaner was created by Roborock, but is sold under the Mijia brand. The vacuum cleaner has recently been refreshed and Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1S is presented.

Roborock also creates products under its brand, hence Roborock S50 vacuum cleaner which is the most popular automatic vacuum cleaner in China. This model has also recently been refreshed, Roborock T6. In summary, Xiaomi and Roborock are two companies that need each other. Behind Xiaomi is the capital and global position of the brand, and behind Roborock knowledge and production capabilities.

Roborock in Europe

The MuyComputer portal informs you that Roborock intends to enter the European market and sell its products through such giants as Amazon and Media Markt. Like Xiaomi, it has made the flagship smartphone Mi 9.

What will be the price of Roborock in Europe?

In China, the S50 model is sold for 2399 yuan, or $ 356. In Poland, a vacuum cleaner can be purchased for around PLN 1750, or $ 456, but this is not an official distribution of Roborock in Europe because it is not there yet. Taking into account European prices of recent Xiaomi hits: M365 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Redmi Note 7, Roborock can also use the same strategy and offer a vacuum cleaner with a much lower price than the Chinese market.

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