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Renovated water heater from Xiaomi

Scishare water heater

A new product has hit the crowdfunding platform. A water heater designed by Scishare. The company already offers one product from a similar subject, "smart"Coffee machine. The Viomi company was responsible for the first generation water heater. After 9 months from the debut of the original version, Xiaomi stated that it is necessary to improve the product. This time, Scishare was chosen. The two are very desirable in the Middle Kingdom, it has already reached 1687% amount needed on the crowdfunding platform.

Water heater

Scishare water heater

what was missing in the first version and what is missing in Xiaomi kettleFortunately, it was already in the new product. It is about knob for manual temperature control, without having to set up in the phone. I like gadgets controlled by a smartphone, but in some aspects physical buttons, knobs are definitely better. Such devices are my opinion kitchen accessories. The new water heater will be perfect for lovers of yerba mate, green tea and other herbs. All these specificities are connected by one, it should not be brew them with boiling water. Thanks to the Scishare heater, we will be able to set the temperature that is currently needed.

Scishare water heater

You can set the temperature using the knobs to one of five values: : 55 ° C, 70 ° C, 85 ° C, 95 ° C or 100 ° C. The company has applied 2200W heater, can heat the water to the set temperature in time just 3 seconds.

Scishare water heater

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The Scishare water heater has dimensions 280 mm x 328 mm x 136 mm, the weight is 2,2kg. Dimensions are enough to hold glasses and even a thermos. There is a water container with 1,8L capacity on the back wall

Scishare water heater

The Scishare water heater has been priced at 299 yuan, $ 46. The shipment will start on August 2.

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