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Redmi Note 7 [unpacking] - the first smartphone of the new brand

Xiaomi Redmi smartphones have been on the market for several years, but in the 2019 year there was a breakthrough. The Chinese giant Xiaomi decided to divide its devices into several brands:

  • Redmi - the cheapest device which price in China does not exceed $ 250 and it is the best choice in value for money (up to $ 250). Look at the Redmi Note 7 Pro - the smartphone has a 48 Mpx rear lens, model Sony IMX586. The same lens has the latest Mi 9 flagship! The biggest minus Redmi? No NFC.
  • Poco - last year Xiaomi presented a budget series with a flagship processor. Pocophone F1 is equipped with Snapdragon 845 which is the best processor in 2018 year. In order not to exceed the price of $ 300 Xiaomi had to give up some functions and again fell on, inter alia, NFC.
  • Mi - the first and the best series in the Xiaomi portfolio. After breaking the offer, the Mi series is to be a premium. It has such pearls as the Mi 9 flagship or the Mi Mix 3 frameless. Despite such excellent devices, the price is still very attractive for a flagship, only $ 510 for Mi 9.

Redmi Note 7 is in my opinion the best smartphone for $ 220

I always buy devices from the top shelf, I prefer to add to a better model - that's why I never decided on Redmi smartphones. And suddenly appeared smartphone Redmi Note 7 which I liked very much. I was charmed by a futuristic cabinet and a small cutout at the top of the screen. I had to check it out!

Standard box, cable and free charger included. Of course, as with any Xiaomi smartphone, the manufacturer does not add headphones. There is a silicone case, nice. Although I prefer to wear without.

The model that I have is blue and the smartphone looks beautiful. The housing fits brightly depending on the incident light. Everything is solidly made, the smartphone looks much more expensive than $ 200.

The notch at the top around the front camera is quite large, I thought the frames would be narrower. In my opinion, it is still a much better solution than the slider slider in the Mi Mix 3.

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And two more photos presenting Redmi Note 7 in the case attached to the set.

As I wrote at the beginning, the smartphone looks great and costs only $ 210! I ordered in the store and arrived in 2 weeks without VAT.

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