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Manual cordless Xiaomi vacuum cleaner - completing the whole

Hand-held cordless Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi presented another novelty on the crowdfunding platform. Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, name in the name of cholera, such a treat at Xiaomi. This is the equipment that I wanted to buy for a long time and I looked for competition because the Chinese giant did not offer such in its portfolio. At the beginning I was considering Dyson from the V8 series, however, the price above PLN 2tys is too big for me as a vacuum cleaner that will be used occasionally in the house and for cleaning the car, so even more sporadically. The basic "cleaner" for me is a fully automatic vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi Roborock. I went to the Chinese store for the cheaper equivalent of Dyson, Dibea C-17. Parameters inferior but the price is interesting, around PLN XNUM. For two weeks I planned to order, but I was still delaying, I was hoping to appear in the Polish warehouse. I do not buy Dibei anymore but I am waiting for Xiaomi, it is known # XiaomiPepsze.

Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

What products is the Roidmi brand associated with? Mainly with car equipment creates transmitters, car chargers. I also tested Roidmi glasses to work at the computer, very well made equipment, I hope that the new product will be similar. Handheld cordless Xiaomi vacuum cleaner will be used mainly for cleaning the car and cleaning higher points in the house with which Roborock can not cope.

The device has been divided into two parts. In the upper one there is an 115W and 18500 PA engine, for comparison Dibea has only 7000PA, i.e. suction power. The battery built into the engine has a capacity of 2500mAh, will allow 55 minutes of work, that is also more than 2x longer than Dibea. When working at maximum speed the vacuum cleaner emits a noise of 75dB. Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner also has special filters built into the engine inlet to filter dust mites.

Hand-held cordless Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

In the lower part there is a rotating brush, the "head" of the vacuum cleaner can bend at 90 degrees. Additionally, it has a height adjustment of up to 6,6cm, ideally suited for cleaning higher carpets. Just like an electric mop, the Xiaomi handheld cordless vacuum cleaner also has LED backlight on the brush front.

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Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

Smart functions?

Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner connects to the Mi Home application via Bluetooth. In the application, we can see the battery level and the degree of pollution built into the vacuum cleaner filters. Just like the competition, the Xiaomi product also has charging stations that we mount on the wall.

Cena Xiaomi Mijia Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner  wynosi 1499 juanów, $238. Jak tylko trafi do sprzedaży, ja na pewno zamawiam.

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