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Populele Xiaomi [unpacking]

populele xiaomi ukulela

She finally came to me, I waited a long time for me to order Smart Ukulele Xiaomi. When she appeared in the Gearbest store, I did not wait long. I ordered it right away. Unfortunately, the delivery took a while. Shopping in the pre-Christmas period, near Black Friday is a difficult matter. A huge number of Chinese packages in that period delayed delivery to the 1,5 month. It's time to unpack Populele.

After the box you can see that it is not a Xiaomi product, the Chinese giant bought the project and now sells as its own.

Packing, so to speak, ass will not break off. What did I get with the guitar? Charging cables, spare strings and feathers, these two white plastic elements. I forgot the exact name and had to google, well, that google is a simple peasant and knew what I meant, under the slogan "plastic for playing guitar". The set also has a case for carrying the ukuleli. It's all packed in a plain gray cardboard box.

Time for the main guest of today's entry. Ukulela is well made, in my opinion, a complete layman on the subject of stringed devices. I have no objections to the fitting of wooden elements, everything adheres perfectly. The sound is also very good.

Populele has only one button for pairing the device via Bluetooth with a smartphone, next to it there is a micro-USB port for charging. The set contains the cable itself and you must use any charger from the phone.

It's time for the most important, we connect with a smartphone

at the outset, I want to point out that the first merger I carried out with the iPhone and played a half-day ukulelą. Then I wanted to connect to the android and populela like it hung, the button did not react, the connection to the charger also did not give anything. I opened the charging socket, unplugged the wires, plugged in again and the guitar came to life. I still do not know what exactly happened. I tried it twice, each time the same guitar "grabs the bag" and you have to reset it by unplugging the battery, as if I were using the old Nokia. So, Populela does not work with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with rom, with the iPhone works without any problem.

Populela - it's time to play!

At the first launch we have to go through a tutorial where we will learn stories, how to stick, how to play. Then, go to the ukulela tuning, the application uses the microphone built into the phone and checks if the sound is clean. In the picture you can see with a vertical line how much is missing and in which direction we have to spin to properly tune. To be good, it must be perfectly in the middle. After setting all four strings, you can go on to learning the first song.


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We start by learning all the tricks that we will use in the song. We play the right chord and if the microphone passes we go to the next one, there are three tricks in the first track. For the sake of simplicity, we can see the guitar grip in the form of highlighting a given place with LED diodes and graphics on the phone.


When we master all three grips, you can go to play the whole song, it looks just like in Guitar Hero. On the timeline there are grips that we have to play at a given moment, at the end we are evaluated. In the first track I achieved the 100 rating on 100 points. Do I have 2018 talent? 🙂

populele caseIs it worth buying?

If anyone ever wanted to learn to play the guitar, that's the most. In my opinion this is the best way to learn. A bigger fan than playing Guitar Hero, the beginnings are definitely more difficult, but the fact that we play on a virtually normal guitar gives a big plus. Populela? I am so! I'll speak in a month or two as I'm going.

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