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Pocophone F1 received an update that introduces 4K recording in 60 frames per second

Pocophone F1 is the cheapest smartphone with a very efficient Snapdragon 845 processor, it is also the first smartphone of the Xiaomi subcomponent called Poco. The biggest success F1 achieved in Spain and India, in these countries this model enjoys the greatest popularity.

Pocophone F1 received

All owners will be pleased with the new upgrade to the MIUI V10.3.4.0 version which weighs 515 MB. Check what has been added:

  • 4K recording in 60 frames per second (without image stabilization)
  • Game Turbo mode
  • Widevine L1 support (allow playback of content from streaming services such as Netflix or HBO GO in high definition)
  • Bug fixes
  • Security improvements

The sharing update is OTA so it should appear in the "Update". If you do not have it yet, wait calmly, it is implemented by waves.

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