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Hey 1S NFC headband is a competition for Mi Band 4 in China

You remember the armband Mijia Hey? Twin band similar to Mi Band 3 but with a colorful display. Smart band was presented a few weeks after the debut Mi Band 3, introducing a small confusion among fans of Xiaomi. As you can see the story repeats itself, the Mi Band series has been refreshed, the same has happened with the Hey series - I present the new Hey 1S NFC band.

Hey 1S NFC headband has AMOLED display with 0,95 "diagonal screen, do you associate this size? The same screen has Mi Band 4. The functions are also very similar: step counting, sleep monitoring, application notifications, training logging, NFC functions.

Hey 1S headband in China costs 199 junk, $ 28. The headband will only be sold in China, this is the product target. Mi Band 4 will definitely be the better choice for Europeans.

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