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New Uleemark jacket for geeks on Youpin

The Uleemark brand presented a new rain jacket on the Youpin platform. Why is the jacket geeks? Because it has as many as 12 pockets that will fit even an iPad Mini. In addition, it has a hood with an eye mask and an inflatable neck pillow to relax wherever you go.

It is true that I have never walked with iPad, but with Kindel it is another matter. I often took it with me to read a few pages of a book or a long article on the internet in my free time. A dedicated jacket pocket would definitely be a better option than the back pocket in trousers in crisis situations.

The jacket has several layers of polyester and nylon fabric, so the rain is not terrible. The same temperature outside around 0 degrees Celsius. Uleemarka ensures that the thermal reflection technology will keep the body at a stable, high temperature.

The Uleemark jacket has been priced at 399 yuan, $ 56 and is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. For several hours she collected 451593 yuan, or $ 63 148, which is 125% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first people will start 4 October 2019 year. The product is available in two colors: black and gray, and the size starts at size S and ends at XXL.

My opinion? I would rather buy without crazy last year's model with heating - a better option for Geek! 🙂

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