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Nice thermometer / hygrometer from Xiaomi. A good complement to the Smart Home system

Xiaomi has several types of temperature and humidity sensors in its Smart Home ecosystem. If you are looking for a device with a display, the product that I present today is in my opinion the best. All thanks to the display, Xiaomi applied electronic paper, or e-ink technology. Looking at the device, we have the impression that a demo sticker was glued, not the actual measurement value!


After the box that got to me you can see that the Mi Multi-function Digital Clock had a hard trip from China. In addition to the small devastation from the outside, the elements inside came without any damage.

Together with the thermometer / hygrometer, we also provide: operating instructions, CR2030 replaceable battery (located behind the end cap) and three different tips for mounting the device. We can hang the thermometer on the refrigerator with the included magnet, put it on the desk with a foot or stick it to any surface using a double-sided tape.

The quality of the displayed image is very good, far above the previous, round model. In addition to temperature and humidity, you can see an hour and a sad or smiley face. If the humidity or temperature in the room is unsuitable, the face will be sad. The temperature range is from 0 to 60 ° C, and humidity from 0 to 99%.

You can connect the device with the Mi Home application and the Smart Home system from Xiaomi

Let me start with the most important aspects of communication. The device communicates via Bluetooth, in order to fully use its potential you must have a BLE Gateway. For me this is the treadmill, ceiling lamp and night lamp.

If you do not have a BLE gate, you can connect the thermometer with the phone, but the data for the Mi Home application will not be sent, which means that it will be impossible to create scenes with other smart home devices and remote value suspicion.

If this important issue is already behind us, look how the Mi Multi-function Digital Clock looks like in the Mi Home application:

When creating scenes to choose from we have four options, the same as in the case of other thermometers, hygrometers in the Xiaomi ecosystem:

  • if the temperature drops to x then ...
  • if the temperature rises to x then ...
  • if the humidity drops to x then ...
  • if the humidity rises to x then ...

In the real-time application, you can also check the measurement history. It all makes the Mi Multi-function Digital Clock a complete product. It presents itself nicely, and if you have a BLE Gateway gateway it can work with other smart home devices from Xiaomi.

Mi Multi-function Digital Clock I bought in the store Banggood.

Mi Multi-function Digital Clock
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