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New on the Youpin platform - Yeelight Smart Cooler

Recently, the Yeelight brand is slowly coming out of the "lighting brand" drawer and is taking its first steps in ventilation. A few months ago it was presented ceiling heater for the bathroom, now the Yeelight Smart Cooler has been added to the Youpin platform, which will work in the kitchen.

Yeelight Smart Cooler absorbs hot air and smoke and releases it cooled. There are two modes of operation: normal and maximum. The direction of the released, cooled air can be adjusted at an angle 65-120 degrees. The high amount of negative ions makes Yeelight Smart Cooler effectively reduces fumes and smoke in the air. The interior has been covered with an anti-oil layer to overcome the adhesion of fat, and thus facilitate the cleaning. The device can be controlled using an application, a remote control or a voice assistant.

The Yeelight brand has not forgotten about its roots, therefore, together with the Yeelight Smart Cooler, the LED panel is sold in two sizes: 300 mm x 300 mm (12W power) or 300 mm x 600 mm. (24W power). The smaller version has the same dimensions as the Yeelight Smart Cooler or 30 x 30 cm.

Yeelight Smart Cooler has been priced in China on 399 yuan, $ 58. A set with a smaller LED panel costs 499 yuan, $ 73. For a set with a larger panel, you must pay 599 yuan, or $ 87.

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