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New radiator for Youpin, this time from Ningbo

Winter is coming, I clearly found this out two days ago, looking out the window in the morning and seeing the frosted car windows. Time to think about replacing the winter tires and find a bottle with windscreen defroster. Xiaomi thanks to the Ningbo brand wants to prepare our house for low temperatures and on the sales platform Youpin presents a new room radiator.

The Ningbo radiator has the dimensions 850 mm x 195 mm x 443 mm and weighs 6,8 kg. It is available in two colors: matt light gray and black matt. There is no smooth temperature control, it has only two modes of operation: 1000W or 2000W. Cold air from below is heated by a heater and discharged from above. The manufacturer has taken care of a number of functions having in mind our safety. The Ningbo radiator automatically turns off when it detects voltage surges or falls over to the side, e.g. due to the fault of the dog.

Of course, I miss the remote control and integration with the Mi Home application. It is not known at what temperature the thermostat built-in the heater is set when we set the first mode, i.e. 1000W. A better choice will be a radiator directly from Xiaomi, Mijia brand which has the ability to create scenes with other devices. We will create a scene with a thermometer and the heater will heat until the temperature programmed by us is reached. Additionally, it can be set to work only when the window in the room is closed. Additional savings for forgetful.

Returning to the Ningbo product it has been priced in China at 199 Yuan, $ 28. Currently, the new radiator is in a crowdfunding campaign, within a few hours collected 1022% of the amount needed. Shipping to the first people will start 23 October 2019 year.

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