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The new HIMO C20 electric bike with a range of 80 kilometers

The Chinese brand HIMO and partner Xiaomi have introduced a new electric bike for sale. The key function of electric vehicles has been improved, ie the range on one charge. The new model is 80 kilometers.

HIMO C20 is able to beat 80 kilometers

The full name of the HIMO brand is Shanghai Ximo Electric Technology Co., Ltd, and the newest electric bicycle is HIMO C20. The dimensions of the bicycle are 1470 mm x 610 mm x 1060 mm and weighs 21.1 kg. The maximum height at which the saddle can be lifted is 965 mm. The range of the bike is 80 km if you are traveling in eco mode at 25km / h.

The frame was made of aluminum. Inside which there is a battery with 18650 mAh capacity, which weighs 2,5kg. It can be easily replaced because it is in the upper part of the frame. The steering wheel has a display with buttons. The display shows the current speed, distance traveled and battery charge. The charging time for 100% is 6 hours.


The gears in the bike are well-known brand Shimano. The manufacturer also took care of the lighting, both at the front and back HIMO C20 has integrated LED lighting. Same as in M365 scooter the rear light flashes during braking. There is a good chance that the bike will go on sale in Europe because it meets all the necessary certificates, both Chinese and European.

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The HIMO C20 electric bike has been priced in China for 2999 yuan, $ 446. Killer feature on the HIMO bike is a pump hidden in the saddle bar. HIMO C20 is available in the store