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New bulbs and Yeelight lamps are probably compatible with HomeKit

Yeelight is my favorite lighting brand in the Xiaomi portfolio. That's why I was pleased with the information about further products of the company, some of the new products are already available at Mi Home.

Three new bulbs have to be sold: two traditional ones and one in the Edison style, with visible "rods". All are now available in the Mi Home app: Yeelight LED Bulb 1S (white), Yeelight LED Filament Bulb and Yeelight LED Buld 1S (color). Recently, all products marked with the letter S are compatible with Apple's HomeKit system. Following this process, new bulbs will probably also be able to control using the iPhone home app.

In addition to bulbs, Yeelight will probably present four new lamps that will also be compatible with HomeKit. From what can be seen in the graphics, three new products will be desk lamps, and Doris F will be the first flooring Yeelight. It's long and has an F in the name 🙂

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