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The new 30W charger from Xiaomi for only 9 dollars

Xiaomi quietly introduced a new charger for sale in China. It is designed for modern gadgets that support such a large input power. Thanks to it, charging the tablet, powerbank or devices with a large battery will be even faster.

New charger with 30W power

The charger was created by Xiaomi, without the participation of third parties. It has two inputs: one USB type A and the other USB type C. It is better to use the newer standard for two reasons. The first is stupid but important to me, it is universal! USB type C always put on good. No more mistakes when inserting. The second factor is a faster slot, only USB type C supports 30W and Quick Charge 4.0.

New charger with 30W power

If you want to use both charging sockets at the same time, the power is reduced to 24W. Now the first minus, the new charger has a Chinese plug. Unfortunately, without the adapter, it does not fit into the sockets in Europe. It's nice to say that they are hiding.

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New charger with 30W power was priced in China for 59 yuan, $ 9.