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Move It Punch - do you want to punch someone?

You have now added the new product from the Move It series created by Guangzhou Xunjia Software Technology Co., Ltd.. Thanks to the integration with the application, it will be perfect if someone pisses you off and you want to punch him. Move It Punch is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. 13 days left until the end, at this moment the new project has collected 109% of the amount needed.

Move It Punch

The boxing ball is made of nylon fabric, PU leather and a PVC cover, thanks to which the ball is resistant to impact. We pour 13 gallons of water to the base to ensure stability, an additional eight suction cups will work on tiles or panels. The handle on one side of the base ensures easy detachment from the floor. The base connects to the ball using a steel pipe. The equipment can be adjusted to suit people of different height. The maximum height at which the pipe can be moved is 173 cm. All plastic parts are made of ABS plastic which is characterized by high durability.

The ball has a button to turn on the sensors and LEDs informing about the readiness of the equipment to receive strokes. Move It Punch connects to the application on your smartphone using Bluetooth in the 4.0 version. Sensors built into the ball will judge the training. The producer has also developed a social function. In the application you can check how your friends were trained and who is the best boxer.

Add face in the application and start hitting!

What I like the most in the new product is shown in the film. In the application, you can add a face, for example, the boss or any other person, and take off. The character on the screen of the smartphone will have a life bar that will fall with subsequent hits.

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Move It Punch has been priced in China for 269 yuan, $ 40. Shipment to the first customers will begin on March XMUMX.

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