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Another novelty in the MIUI overlay, this time a shortcut and screenshot

Yesterday I informed about the upcoming news in MIUI, namely 3D moves which allow you to run the application without touching the screen. Today I will present new products which in my opinion are definitely more useful.

Change of the SIM card from the beam sliding from the top of the screen

Xiaomi smartphones are Dual SIM devices, there may be two SIM cards inside. The new version of MIUI will allow you to quickly switch between cards. Simply slide the upper bar with the abbreviations and press the "Mobile Data" icon, thanks to which we will get quick access to the second SIM card. The option will look the same as I now have fast switching between Wi-Fi networks.

Full screen screenshot

On Xiaomi smartphones with the MIUI overlay, the screen shot is done by sliding three fingers down the screen. In the upcoming update, after the screenshot, a new button will appear that will allow you to take a full screen shot.

What does a full screen screenshot mean? If you want to save an entry from the page, but do not fit on the "one" screen, you can take a longer screenshot. With this you can capture the whole page as if you were scrolling with your finger. This is a brilliant option, definitely better than taking several shots. The option is already available in MIUI, but the new update will allow you to do it faster, without the need for additional clicking on the options.

The update will first go to the Chinese version of MIUI, and later to the global version which is sold in Europe.

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