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Mi Store? Now I am waiting for Mi Home / Youpin Store

Xiaomi stores called Mi Store are official Xiaomi stores around the world. In recent weeks, they have grown like mushrooms after rain in Latin America. The offer includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, air purifiers, scooters but there are no third party products, such as the Roborock vacuum cleaner.

On the website I often present products from the Youpin sales platform. These are the products of other, often unknown brands in which Xiaomi sees the potential and decides to promote them. Until now, the products could only be purchased through online sales, but Youpin Store will soon be opened, whose offer will be much more extensive.

In the shop you can buy almost everything for your home, you can say that it will be IKEA in conjunction with Media Markt. Just look at the page Youpin: sofas, beds, refrigerators, stoves, headphones, shower faucets, lamps and even food and alcohol are available.

China will break the trails and I hope that Youpin Store will soon be opened on other continents. Mi Store in Poland debuted very quickly, let it be the same with Youpin Store.

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