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Mi Bedsie Lamp 2 unpacking. Night lamp Yeelight compatible with HomeKit

One of the first Yeelight brand products sold through the Xiaomi distribution network was bedside lamp. The lamp communicated via Wi-Fi with the Mi Home and Yeelight application.

In the next model, Mi Bedsie Lamp 2, the producer has also added support for the HomeKit ecosystem from Apple. The new product can be managed in three applications: Mi Home, Yeelight and Home on iPhone.

Mi Bedsie Lamp 2 unpacking

In the box with the night lamp Yeelight 2 there is also the 12V / 1A power supply. If you do not want to have a Chinese plug, you can easily buy a power supply with the same parameters in your local electronics store.

In comparison to the first generation, the new model is much wider, but it was also made of high quality materials. Under the plastic dome are RGB diodes with 9W power. When we pair the bedside lamp with the phone, it is possible to set in which color it is to be lit via the application. In addition to color, you can also manage the intensity of light smoothly, the values ​​are expressed as a percentage, 0 when the light is off, to 100% when it shines full power. You will achieve the most light when choosing neutral light, ie the color temperature around 4000K.

You do not have to reach for the phone every time you want to change the light mode. On the side of the housing are tactile buttons and a slider, using them you can quickly adjust the light according to your needs at a given moment.

Mi Bedsie Lamp 2 unpacking

Mi Bedsie Lamp 2 recommend to pair with the Mi Home application. The product will also be automatically added to the Yeelight application, which has a more extensive interface. If you have an iPhone, at the end of the pairing at Mi Home you will be informed about the possibility of attaching a night light to the Dom (Pair with Homekit) application.

Mi Bedsie Lamp 2 is available in the store

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