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Mi 9 will receive an update introducing eSIM, unfortunately only in China

ESIM cards are a very practical solution and in the coming years I think it will become the standard in the world. The new technology will be appreciated the most by travelers. They will not have to look for a kiosk or point of a given operator to buy a starter for a given network. All you need to do is activate the selected prepaid plan from the software level on your smartphone.

The second important aspect is security, which will increase even more. The SIM card will not be able to be discarded and replaced. To do this you will need to enter a password that the thief will not know. In devices with a bitten apple this option already works if we use the "Find my iPhone" option. On devices with the Android system certainly also, but I do not know the name.

The only but very big downside of eSIM is surveillance. The smartphone will always be able to be tracked by the authorities having the right to do so. I wonder if there will be safe, anonymous alternatives.

Mi 9 will receive an update

Mi 9 will receive an eSIM introductory update

MIUI Software Development Director has announced on the Weibo social platform that they are working on obtaining a certificate and adapting the software in order to implement cooperation with eSIM cards. The update will be implemented in the flagship model Xiaomi Mi 9, unfortunately only with Chinese software.

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Mi 9 has a Dual SIM, ie it supports two SIM cards at the same time. eSIM will only work if there is only one SIM card in the tray. You will be able to have a regular SIM card + second eSIM number. There is no information on the global implementation of eSIM for Xiaomi Mi 9.