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Lin Bin vs Lu Weibing, Xiaomi vs Redmi, who will win AnTuTu duel?

The management of Xiaomi is characterized by a very large integration with fans. On the Weibo Chinese social networking site, they often answer the questions asked by fans of the brand and get into the discussion. Now they decided to compete with each other.

Yesterday, the chairman of Xiaomi, Lin Bin, decided to challenge the CEO of Redmi: Lu Weibing. What are they competing for? For the name of the most efficient device on the market. Lin Bin published on Weibo the ranking of the most efficient smartphones according to AnTuTu (the first two places are taken by Mi 9) and invited Lu Weibing to the competition, who quickly wrote: "We are ready".

Lin Bin vs Lu Weibing, Xiaomi vs Redmi, who will win AnTuTu duel?

Will the CEO of Redmi have something to "fight" for? Yes, yes, soon Redmi X will be presented. Redmi flagship with the same processor as Xiaomi Mi 9, or Snapdragon 855. Whoever wins will depend largely on the optimization and cooling performance.

Redmi X it will be a breakthrough smartphone for the new brand, and eventually it will emerge from the shadows of Xiaomi. In the upcoming Redmi smartphone for the first time will be an NFC module for contactless payments. Interesting news is the retractable front camera and fingerprint reader in the screen.

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