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Traffic light sensor from Xiaomi and Philips

Yesterday Xiaomi introduced a new lamp for sale which is the result of cooperation on the Xiaomi - Philips line. The lamp has a bluetooth and twilight sensor. Xiaomi already has several similar products from the Yeelight or Mijia series, but the new model even has the advantage. The lamp can be managed in the Mi Home application and set the time and power of lighting.

Sensor lamp

For intelligent operation you need a bluetooth gate, i.e. a Yeelight ceiling lamp or WalkingPad treadmill. If we buy more than one lamp, the detection of movement by one can activate another one. A very good way to light in the hallway or staircase when we do not have the installation ready. The lamp can be glued to the wall or hang on, for example, a door handle using a special band.

Lamp with motion sensor
Lamp with motion sensor

The LEDs in the lamp are powered by three AA batteries which, according to the manufacturer, are designed to withstand 10 months of operation. The range of the motion sensor is 120 degrees with a detection distance from 5-7m.

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The lamp is available in the store A PICODICOM rebate code is available