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The Kingsmith K12 treadmill is similar to WalkingPad but offers 12km / h speed!

For several months I have been a happy owner of the WalkingPad walking track, it offers a maximum speed of 6 km / h. That's why it is ideal for fast walking and playing on the console. You can also jog on it, and then I get my heart rate at 120 level, beats per minute, perfect for aerobic training. In recent times, however, I do not have enough time to walk for a long time and I would prefer to do HIIT training to close the wheels in Apple Watch more quickly. Unfortunately, WalkingPad does not offer me such a possibility, which is why I was happy about today's novelty on Youpin. The Kingsmith K12 is similar in design to the WalkPad, but offers twice the speed - 12 km / h.

Kingsmith K12 treadmill

The Kingsmith K12 treadmill was created by the Xiaojin company that sells on the Youpin dumbbell platform.

The new treadmill, however, needs more space when we do not practice, it can not be folded in half like a WalkingPad and slipped under the bed. The vertical setting option remains. The second design difference is a raised handle on which you can lean your smartphone or grab yourself while running, I would rather not use it.

Kingsmith K12 treadmill

Kingsmith K12 has smooth speed control from 0,8 to 12 km / h. The tempo can be adjusted in two ways: using a remote control or a system that automatically detects the steps. If we walk in the front, it accelerates and when it is in the back it slows down. The dimensions of the tape are 480 mm width and 1210 mm in length, all weighing 33 kg. The new treadmill does not connect with the Mi Homa application like WalkingPad, it is necessary to download the KS + application to follow the history of your activity.

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Kingsmith K12 treadmill was priced on the Chinese market at 1999 yuan, $ 300. I hope that stores will soon offer shipping to Europe. I'll order as soon as it appears.

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