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Intelligent car mirror -Smart Rearview Mirror. Xiaomi presents his vision.

Driving recorder, navigation, handsfree and rearview mirror - all in one device. Sounds nice? This morning Xiaomi presented an intelligent rear-view mirror for cars. Let's have a look Smart Rearview Mirror from Xiaomi.

The device has a large 8,88 inch screen and Full HD 1920 × 480 resolution. Control the "mirror" we can using the voice to call the device should be said
special word in the same way as "Hey Siri" in the case of Apple or "ok Google" on Android. Thanks to that, we do not have to take our eyes off the road. The applied touch screen also allows you to control the touch. The device has an ADAS system, it is a system that collects data from the environment inside and outside the vehicle through sensors, responsible for safe driving. He makes sure that we keep a good distance from the vehicle ahead, so that we do not go to the second lane, notify when the vehicle will move in front of us. Similar functions had a car camera from Xiaomi and I personally disabled, this option, it acted poorly in many situations informed unnecessarily.

The mirror has a built-in camera recording image in 1080p 30FPS, has an F1.8 shutter and a wide-angle lens 160stopni. The micro SD card port (supports up to 64gb) where the videos are saved, we can also watch recorded videos on the smartphone and in real time look at the drive from the screen of the smartphone. The mirror is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has 4G, so that recorded videos can also be automatically sent to the cloud. Built-in Bluetooth and speaker allow you to listen to music, podcasts, books from your smartphone. The screen can display navigation, weather or other information defined by us. The configuration and settings of the displayed content are carried out via applications on the smartphone, the built-in light sensor allows you to automatically switch to day / night mode. The device is attached to special clips, powered by 12V through the cigarette lighter socket.

Films showing the construction and operation of the device:

Basic parameters:

  • dimensions - 303,8mm x 76mm x 40mm
  • weight - 393g
  • processor - MT8665, 4core, 1,5GHz
  • sensor - OminiVision 2718
  • network support - 2G / 3G / 4G
  • memory card - micro SD 16-64GB (class 10)
  • display - 8.8cala IPS, 1920 × 480
  • working temperature - from -20 to + 70 degrees
  • touch screen - capacitive, supports multi-touch
  • Wi-Fi - 802.11 a / b / g / n
  • battery - 370mAh capacity
  • Bluetooth - 4.0
  • FM transmitter - 88-108MHz frequency
  • Built-in GPS
  • system - MaiOS based on Android

The Smart Rearview Mirror costs 999 Yuan, 145 $.

Pictures come from the official Xiaomi site.

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