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Xiaomi's intelligent Xiaomi fridge in Chinese size "XXL" - Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi
Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi

The Viomi brand, the Xiaomi submersible already has several of its products in the field of food / cuisine, e.g. heater water or a filtering pot. Now the time has come for something much bigger. The intelligent Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi fridge she found her way to the crowdfunding platform.

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi

Xiaomi advertises the device as a XXL fridge, in my opinion it is a European standard. Dimensions 717 x 785 x 1807 mm. Looking at the pictures and seeing the double doors, I thought that there would be a wider, solid eLka, enough.

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi

The fridge has four doors, the top pair of the refrigerator is tilted sideways, and the capacity is 289 liters. The freezer has two pull-out drawers. As a standard, first we have to open the door and then open the drawers. The solution Xiaomi in which the drawers are immediately better in my opinion, the capacity of the freezer is 173 liters. The total capacity of Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi is 462 liters, a bit more than the Passat B5 Janusz and Grażynka. Combustion, i.e. power consumption also very well, 0,96 kW / h. The fridge is quiet, and emits 38 dB at work.

Is a tablet, Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi is smart!

Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi

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Something I did not have yet, a tablet built into the fridge door. With two refrigerators, my geeky mind will of course choose the one with the screen. Viomi has a diagonal 10,1 inch, connectivity with a smartphone via Bluetooth and this is in my opinion a minus. Because we will not be able to see the shopping list from the fridge when we're in the store, unless it's bluetooth LE, but I have not found this information anywhere.

Anti-bacterial filter

Viomi has it on its own antibacterial and anti-odor filter for refrigerators, of course, could not miss it in their fridge. Food will be healthy, there will be no bacteria and monsters in TV commercials.

The price is reasonable for me, Xiaomi Mijia Viomi Yunmi is priced at 3999 yuan or $ 633. Find me a fridge for less than 2200 PLN in Poland, no chance. I can even pay 3000 PLN. I wonder whether any store will offer shipping to Poland, you have to wait. I will follow closely and if it is for human money, I will buy it for sure.