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In Xiaomi Mi 9, face detection will be improved

For a long time, Xiaomi smartphones have one drawback, according to many people - weak cameras. In 2018 Xiaomi significantly improved the camera's software so that the photos are getting better. This is evidenced by the position of the latest Mi Mix 3 in the DxOMark ranking. The Xiaomi frameless frame is on the 6 site taking into account all the capabilities of the rear camera (photos and videos). Recently a service DxOMark also leads the ranking of front cameras and here Mi Mix 3 is doing even better, it is on the podium and in third place.

In Xiaomi Mi 9, face detection will be improved

Co-founder of Xiaomi, Mr. Lin Bin announced that Mi 9 will have an improved algorithm, which will improve face detection and easy photo retouching. On the Weibo portal, Lin Bin announced that the Mi 9 will be able to retouch the picture when there are even two people on it, all thanks to the third lens.

Recognition of sex and age

In Xiaomi Mi 9, face detection will be improved

If you delve into the options of the Xiaomi camera then you noticed the option of recognizing age and gender. I must admit that the result is correct - at least in my case. The algorithm responsible for recognition has also been improved, which will translate into even better image quality. An adult will have other parameters selected than the child, which will affect the final result.

The new camera software will also be available for older models

I respect the Xiaomi brand for such steps. A few years ago, while watching the Apple conference and seeing new cool features, I wanted to buy a new iPhone right away. Xiaomi pursues a different policy, immediately informs the fans that over time new features will be implemented also on older models. Of course, some functions are not possible due to the lack of proper components, but if it is possible, Xiaomi will use it. Recently, the method of night shooting has been introduced on similar principles. First, it was available in the Mi Mix 3 and later it also hit Mi 8 and Mix 2S.

Photos taken by Lei Bin, the new Mi 9.

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