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In India, 1000 Mi Store is already in over 300 cities

If you follow Xiaomi news on a regular basis, you probably know that the smartphone market and TV in India are two categories in which Xiaomi is the sales leader. India is the second country in the world in terms of population, in the next few years to take the lead and overtake China.

It is already 1000 Mi Store, and by the end of the year is to be 10000 in India

It is a huge market, so an appropriate number of stores is necessary. A few days ago, the thousandth Mi Store was opened on the territory of India! And by the end of the year, the number is expected to increase to 10 000 Mi Store! Sounds unbelievable? Not for Xiaomi, I remind you that 29 October was opened at the same time 500 Mi Store and Xiaomi went to the Guinness record book.

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