Huami has partnered with Timex. Time for a new smartwatch

Huami is the company responsible for Mi Band and Amazfit watches, including a beautiful model Amazfit 2S. You can say that it is Xiaomi subfirma, because most of the shares have just a Chinese giant and exclusive products are created for Xiaomi. The Huami brand was founded in 2013 year, thanks to the Mi Band series of armbands it has been very successful all over the world. If someone has one Xiaomi product then most likely it is the Mi Band, which monitors our activity during the day.

Huami has partnered with Timex

Huami has partnered with Timex

Huami specializes in creating modern gadgets on hand, so she decided to join forces and make a partnership agreement with Timex, a company that has more than 100 summer experience in creating classic watches. Both parties should benefit from this cooperation. One company lacks the technology to create smartwatches and second sales channels. Timex watches are offered in thousands of stores around the world, that's what Huami counts for, want to include "Amazfits" among them. At the moment there is no information whether the fruit of cooperation will be the development of the Amazfit line, or the creation of a separate model as it was in the case of Pocophone.

We are excited about the possibilities offered by this contract. In particular, the possibility of using the sales channels developed by Timex to gain greater access to American markets. We hope to take advantage of the strengths of every company in the global market, while benefiting from recognized online and offline channels. This is an important strategic alliance that will allow us to offer products and services in the cloud to our global users. "Wang Huan, Huami CEO

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