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Huami AMAZFIT Bip is the third best-selling smartwatch in the world

The sales ranking of smartwatches was published in the second quarter of the year 2018. According to the data presented, Amazfit with his watch BIP is ahead of the latest watch with a bitten apple, the Apple Watch Series 3. In addition, Amazfit has become the fourth brand in the world, considering the global sales of smartwatches.

Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Bip is the third best selling smartwatch in the world in Q2 2018

Huami AMAZFIT Bip is the third best-selling smartwatch

The ranking of the five best-selling devices was dominated by three companies: Apple, Fitbit and Amazfit. The first-generation Apple product is in the first place, I am surprised that it is so eagerly bought. In my opinion, it is too slow, if I had to buy a new device now, I would decide to use the AW Series 3 for a simple reason, it is faster.

I have not had the opportunity to test FitBit devices, but I really like the application and presentation of the data collected. It looks very neat and clear, in my opinion, best. And what attracts people to Amazfit BIP? There is one, the most important reason - 45 day battery life.

Globally, smartwatch sales have increased in Q2 compared to the previous year by 37%, Apple is a leader and has 41% of the market. According to leaks, the Orange network is negotiating with the introduction of LTE with Apple, if it turns out to be true and for 6 days Apple Watch with Polish LTE will be presented, I will be very happy and I will buy it for sure.

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