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HIMO C16 is a new moped on Youpin

The HIMO brand is a well-known manufacturer of electric bicycles. On the sales platform Youpin their latest HIMO C16 model hit them. The new product is currently in a crowdfunding campaign, i.e. a fundraiser. By the end of the campaign, the remaining 11%, and C16 has already collected 172 500 USD and this is 307% of the amount needed.

HIMO C16 has the dimensions 1500 mm x 610 mm x 10000 mm and weighs 32,5 kg. The wheelbase is 1045 mm. The electric motor driving the vehicle has the power of 250W and allows you to drive at a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The maximum distance that we can cover on a full battery is from 55 to 75 km. In the absence of energy, you can switch to foot pedal and pedal. The battery is located under the saddle and can be quickly removed and taken home for charging. Both front and rear lighting was made in LED technology ensuring good visibility after dark. At the back there is a seat and footrest, you can also take your companion on an exciting journey.


Time for design issues. The HIMO C16 moped will be available in three colors: white, gray and beige. In my opinion it looks nothing. It is neither modern design nor retro. What catches my eye the most? Details in the finish. I read in a book about Steve Jobs that a good carpenter would not use poor quality wood, even if it was the back of the cabinet that nobody would see. In HIMO C16 I do not like the battery that is visible all the time, it spoils the design of the whole, and I will not mention the power plug. I like the construction much more Speedy Dusomething for something is much more expensive.

HIMO C16 has been priced in China at 1999 yuan, $ 285. Shipping to the first people who decided to support the project in the crowdfunding campaign will start 9 September 2019 year.

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