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A hand massager is a novelty on Youp from PMA

Do you work a lot in front of a computer? From the constant movement of the mouse or typing on the keyboard, your hands are sluggish? The company Anhui Yuhang Pai Meng Health Technology CO., Ltd the PMA brand belongs to has found a solution. A hand massager that will relax your muscles after hard work!

The massager measures 310 mm x 158 mm x 112mm and weighs up to 1 kg. The device has one feature that I love, i.e. wireless work. It is provided by a built-in battery with the 2000 mAh capacity. I hate the cord, it's banging everywhere and if it can get caught in something it will definitely happen (eg headphones and door handles). Another plus is the type C USB port that is used for charging, usually I usually put the reverse.

Inside the device there is an air cushion that has hundreds of bumps responsible for massaging the fingers and wrist. In addition, the inside hand is heated with graphene, this is supposed to increase the relaxation of muscles and nerves in the hand.

I honestly write that I do not see the need to rub my hands in my life .. but maybe it is a need that I do not realize until I try it? The situation is similar to that of an automatic gearbox in the car, who did not have the possibility of driving a manual, who did not want to go back to constantly moving the ajak and pressing the clutch.

The PMA hand massager is currently in the funding campaign. Through 4 days collected 350% of the required amount, until the end of the collection there are still 10 days. Shipping to first customers will begin on 21 on July, 2019 year. The massager was priced in China on 299 yuan, $ 44.

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