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Freefinger new smartphone holder for Youpin

In recent months, we can see a new trend regarding smart phone cases and special holders stuck on the back to make it easier to hold. Smartphones stop being a gadget that we hold in our hands and become an extension of the hand, it is disturbing ..

Honestly, I bought this case with a special toe strap, but I decided to buy it only because it is an official case for Xiaomi Mi 9. It is large, clumsy and it is uncomfortable to wear the belt (handle) in your pocket.

Freefinger xiaomi

Unfortunately, Xiaomi goes further in this direction and added to the Youpin mobile phone holder brand Zhuhai and Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Inside there is a bracket with dimensions 80 mm x 25 mm, made of 420 stainless steel and covered with leather. On the other hand, there is a double-sided tape to stick the handle to the back of the phone.

The Freefinger grip has been priced at 28.9 yuan, or $ 5. It is available in four colors: blue, black, brown and green.

In my opinion, we spend too much time with the phone in hand, and such handles will make matters worse. Since I already have a smartphone hooked to my finger, I will refresh my e-mail and check what's on facebook, maybe something has happened. In 90% we waste no time! That's why he's a huge supporter of the "time before screen" functionif you do not know what it is then I refer to this entry. I hope that even parts of the society will open their eyes and when they see the result over two hours a day using the phone unnecessarily, they will decide to change something in their lives.

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