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Free use of the A1 motorway for electric cars

Motorways in Poland are expensive and have an archaic toll system. On goals there are often long traffic jams, and there are far too many goals. For example, when traveling from Warsaw to Germany, you have to stop by 6 times, this amount combined with a free payment system must generate traffic jams ... and a huge amount of exhaust.

Last year, the manager of the A1 motorway started testing the automatic payment system using cameras that read license plates and smartphones. Just add the credit card and vehicle registration numbers to the application. The system automatically opens the gate if the vehicle is located in the AutoPay database and the fee will be automatically charged after completion of the journey.

This solution turned out to be a success. Therefore, from 1 July 2019 system of automatic toll collection will increase its range. With automatic payment you will be able to use all points of collection between Toruń and Gdańsk, including 12 places. According to forecasts, the capacity of cars will improve from 200 to 600 cars per hour. In the future, dedicated gates will only be created for people using the Autopay application, which will result in even faster passage. In July, the Autopay application on the A4 motorway will also be introduced, more precisely on the section between Katowice and Krakow. The exact start day of Autopay on A4 is not known yet.

Promotion for electric cars, first journey for free

Blue Media, the company managing the Autopay application, has prepared promotions for electric cars. We will receive a refund for the first journey, if we are traveling by an electric car and we use the Autopay application. In addition, for each transaction, the company will pay 1 a budget for the ecological budget, from which a quick-growing plantation will be financed in the future.

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