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Padlock with fingerprint reader - new on Youpin

An intelligent padlock with a fingerprint reader has been added to the offer of Youpin sales platform. This is an Aerox brand product produced by Shenzhen Mars Exploration Technology Co., Ltd. The padlock is currently in a crowdfunding campaign. 12 days remain until the end, but it has already earned 222% of the amount needed.

We have the 21st century, more and more devices are unlocked using our unique fingerprints. The Aerox padlock is significantly different from those I used in my childhood. You do not have to be careful to hide the key well so you do not lose it - when you are overly years old it is easy to fall out of your pocket.

In Aerox, just place your finger on it and within seconds the padlock will open. The manufacturer declares that the error rate is only 0.5%.

Padlock with a line reader

Inside the padlock there is a battery with the 260 mAh capacity. Do you hear the word battery and already have the daily charging of the phone in front of your eyes? Easy, padlock is much better. A built-in rechargeable battery will be enough for 12 months of use with the assumption that we will open 4 times a day. Charging the battery takes about two hours and is done via a USB type C socket. In an emergency, you can use one of the two emergency keys included in the set.

Padlock with a line reader

Padlock with Aerox fingerprint reader is available in two sizes:

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  • Long: 300 mm x 130 mm x 32,2 mm - weight 1.36 kg
  • Short: 225 mm x 130 mm x 32.3 mm - weight 1.20kg

The padlock was made of 420 steel and coated with PVC plastic. IP65 certified also can be used on rainy days. There is no problem that the fingerprint reader will stop working.

Padlock with Aerox fingerprint reader has been priced on the Chinese market for 199 yuan, $ 30 for the shorter version and 219 yuan $ 33 for a longer model.

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