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Fei Kid Smartwatch. Children's watch from Xiaomi, the first gadget?

Fei Kid Smartwatch

The latest smartwatch model from Xiaomi is aimed at our children. After Amazfit, the Chinese manufacturer decided to take care of our children.

Fei Kid Smartwatch has a 1,44 inch diagonal touch screen. A special modular touch interest was designed to make children have no problem with service, it is very easy.Fei Kid Smartwatch
Thanks to the replaceable strap, we can freely personalize the watch, the child can decide which color the band wants to have, which shows his personality and develops creativity. Siliconized strips have been made of a special material and have certificates confirming that they do not cause allergies due to contact with the skin. The edges of the watch are rounded so as not to expose the child to danger. The watch is also waterproof, it does not scare rain or puddles, the manufacturer recommends to avoid long-term wear.

Definitely the most important function of the watch is the ability to check the exact location where our child is located, our smartphone will track the watchFei Kid Smartwatch comfort and show exactly on the map where he is at the moment. The position is determined on the basis of many sensors, including GPS, compass, Wi-fi and gravity sensor. We can determine the "Safety limit" if the child crosses it, we will receive information. We also get access to the location history and we can see where the child was. The smartwatch from Xiaomi has two-way communication, we can make and receive voice calls. If it is playing outside, we can make a phone call and send voice information, for example, when the ready lunch is already waiting on the table.

Smartwatch is equipped with an SOS button, which the child can press if he feels threatened, we will be immediately informed. The built-in battery with 420mAh capacity provides a week in standby mode, during normal use the battery lasts for 4 days, then it needs to charge the device through the micro USB port. Such low consumption is possible due to the use of a special algorithm for location.

The special mode does not disturb you allows you to set the parent time when the child will be in school and the watch will only show an hour. The service will be blocked so that it will not distract you in your studies. The device can read stories, unfortunately only in Chinese. For all functions to work, a nano-format SIM card must be inserted in the device.

Fei Kid Smartwatch so far is in the Crowfunding phase, which means that they are collecting money for his project, but it has been very quickly achieved and already has 1332% of the intended budget. The watch will cost only 179 Yanas in China, or around 26 $. I think this is a very good option as the first electronic device for our child, in the case of loss or damage will not be as painful as the loss of expensive phone. A device that allows us to suspect where the child is and to communicate with him for about 100 PLN, I consider a very good amount. Unfortunately, at this point the watch supports only Chinese sim cards from two operators, China Mobile and China Unicom.

Pictures come from the official Xiaomi site.

  • On the smartzegark market, it is probably more confusing than on the Smartphones market. I decided to use the Garett G10 smart watch, it has the advantage that it works with both iPhone and Android, so you do not have to buy anything if you change your phone.

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