The presentation of a new flagship device often goes hand in hand with the price reduction of current models. At first glance, went Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro whose price was reduced by 500 yuan.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition dismantled for parts

Discounts at Xiaomi after presenting the new flagship Mi 9

Xiaomi decided to overestimate the strongest variant of last year's flagship Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. The smartphone has a transparent back and fingerprint reader in the screen, but with 25% slower and less accurate than the one installed in the Xiaomi Mi 9. From now Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro will be sold at 2499 yuan, $ 372. Decreases by 500 yuan provides potential buyers savings of $ 75.

In the coming weeks, Xiaomi should also overestimate other models. If you plan to buy Mi 8, Mi Mix 2s or Mi Mix 3, wait a dozen or so days, and there is a chance that you will save some money. Just wait for the European premiere of Mi 9, only 3 days left.