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Crypto Agent Bot - a tool for freshmen in the crypto world.
Crypto Agent Bot

Crypto Agent BotKrypto world has its own rules, you have to spend a lot of time to understand it, to know how to behave on the stock market. Looking for information about different currencies I came across a very interesting program, Crypto Agent Bot. It informs us when we have some currency to buy, with which professor and when to sell. Crypto Agent is built into the telegram application, available on all platforms.

What is this Crypto Agent Bot?

One can say that the crypto agent will guide us in the world of investment on the cryptocurrency market. This is an international team of analysts who sends us signals when I have to buy and sell cryptocurrency, you can do it in a few seconds on your smartphone or computer.

Works with two stock exchanges:

  • Bittrex - which currently has the registration of new accounts blocked.
  • Poloniex - I use it.

You can also receive only signals and buy on another exchange, eg Binance, if the currency that will be in the signal content is in the exchange portfolio. In addition to signals, we also get information about the market. Yesterday information on the Bitcon course.

The reason why Bitcoin is going Up? because Korea published soft news about regulations. BTC MAY pump until CME futures.Crypto Agent Bot
Crypto Agent Bot
An example message

Not only do I get on the tray what to buy and sell, but I also learn to control the market. I try to analyze the signals I get, look at the charts and try to implement them when trading in other cryptocurrencies. Within two days my BTC pool increased by 300 PLN, which is 1 / 3 monthly subscription for the bot. Yes, help is not free. However, looking at the signals I receive so far and the rate of return within a few days, the cost of the subscription will be returned with interest.

How much does Crypto Bot cost, there are three types of subscriptions?

  • 1 month - 0.01341922 BTC = 915.34 PLN
  • 6 months - 0.06682770 BTC = 4558.41 PLN
  • 12 months 0.10730005 BTC = 7319.09 PLN

The amounts seem large, I bought the cheapest subscription. The next one I will buy for BTC which I made in the previous month.

How to start using Crypto Agent Bota?

  • We need to install the Telegram app on your smartphone. We can download it from the website developer.
  • Start the application Telegram, he'll take us straight to Crypto Agent Bota. (If you ask someone for refcode, please enter 442998657)
  • Then we need to share your contact, the request will be shown at the bottom.
  • We will be greeted by the bot, we will also receive information from which person we have entered the program. I am grateful if you launched the application from my link above.
  • We receive information about what we pay for.
  • We choose the subscription we are interested in, transfer the BTC to the given portfolio address and wait for the payment to arrive. It usually takes about an hour or two. We need to pass a little BTC more because if we send eg from AbuCoins it gets a small commission.
  • When payment arrives, we still have to buy the package chosen by us. Click on the Finance -> Pay for package -> 1 month tab think that everyone will choose the right one.

And it's on! we are in the program. From this moment, we will receive signals regarding the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies.

I recommend to connect to BitPoly in a telegram, thanks to which you can easily operate on the Poloniex and Bittrex stock exchanges. The exact instructions on how to do this are on the page developer. All operations are performed by a special API that only has access to the exchange operations. It is not possible that the bot will pay money from our portfolio on the stock exchange.

On twitter I put a movie that presents the bot in action. Within a few seconds I set up BotPoly to buy the ZEC cryptocurrency for 5% of the current BTC portfolio and sell it if it reaches 5% profit.

As you can see, it is a simple childhood, the option is more, you can set, for example, to buy when the value on the stock market drops by X percent. At the beginning of January, I will share how much BTC has grown my portfolio on the Poloniex exchange thanks to Crypto Agent Bot. Keep fingers crossed.

After three days, the profit looks promising. A two-month subscription is already available. Initial capital 10900 PLN (BTC: 0.15625922).

crypto bot gain agent

Profits can be tracked in mine spreadsheet.