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ZMI presents on Youpin an elegant powerbank with 10 000 mAh capacity
ZMI POwerbank 10000

A new ZMI product appeared on Youpin and it is a powerbank with the capacity 10 000 mAH. The device is characterized by an elegant finish made of fabric in two colors. I already have ZMI powerbank with 20 000 mAh capacity and I'm very happy with it. It is very useful in everyday life because it can not only charge your smartphone, but also your laptop.

Usability in the everyday life of powerbank is mainly demonstrated by its dimensions and weight. Wearing novelties from ZMI will not be a problem. The product has the dimensions 140,6 mm x 72 mm x 15,9 mm and weighs 205g. The fabric finish in two colors, dark gray and "green reef" made the powerbank look elegant.

The new ZMI powerbank offers fast charging via the USB-A and USB Type-C socket, both slots offer fast charging with 18W power. USB-C socket has a "double-sided" operation, it can be used to charge both the connected device and the powerbank itself.

The new powerbank ZMI has been priced in China at 149 yuan, $ 22. The novelty has already appeared in the store Banggood.

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