The best Apple product in recent years is not an iPhone, but the AirPods wireless headphones. Headphones were often a mockery, mainly from the hate of products with a bitten apple. In my opinion, if you use AirPods once, in 95% of cases you will not want to have others, comfort of use is amazing for people who lead an active lifestyle. Xiaomi also presented their similar, non-wired headphones called AirDots.

Xiaomi AirDots wireless headphones [unpacking]

AirDots headphones reach in a white, rectangular box. Inside there are wireless headphones, USB-microUSB cable, user manual and case that has three functions: it is convenient to carry headphones, charging them and contains a built-in battery that recharges the headphones every time we put them in the case. According to the manufacturer, the built-in battery allows 4 hours of music playback, and the case extends the operating time to 12 hours.

First impressions from AirDots?

There is no such magic during pairing as in the case of AirPods, there is no automatic message to pair as soon as we open the case on the phone. You must traditionally enter the option, bluetooth settings and search for the device. After pairing, the handset will automatically connect to your smartphone as soon as you pull it out of the case. The sound quality in my opinion is good, it does not deviate from the Apple product which is 6x more expensive.

Everyone has a different shape of the pinna, in my case AirPods from Apple "come into the ear and lie" perfectly. In the case of Airdots it is worse, they are definitely bigger and you have to press hard. The first time I put it wrong, so that protruded from the ear. I turned in the wrong direction, it seemed more natural to me. When I saw myself in the mirror I realized that something does not fit here - they get too much. I checked the advertising posters and they really should not stand out, I turned to the other one and it was good.

Xiaomi AirDots headphones do not bother the ears, so long I used them for two hours and I did not feel any discomfort. The only discomfort is when putting in the ear, as I said you have to press.

In one aspect, AirDots are better than AirPods

Apple headphones have one minus, especially it is felt in the fall / winter when we have a scarf. Even if we gently push them from the bottom, they fall out of the ear, if you use it, you definitely know what I mean. In the case of AirDots, there is no problem because the whole is in the ear, we do not hook the scarf or hood from the bottom.

Airdots headphones disappeared from Gearbest/Banggood and Aliexpress, nowhere are available. Demand on the market outgrew the producer? The same as during the first months of AirPods sales by Apple.

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